Metamask needs no introduction! This section illustrates how you can connect to Gro dApp.
Through MetaMask, you can not only connect to Metamask wallet but also your hardware wallets (Ledger, Trezor). Please refer to this article for how to connect your hardware wallets to Metamask.

Step-by-step illustration

If you experience difficulties in wallet connection, try clearing your browser's cookies or browsing history for
Step 1: From the home page, click "Connect Wallet" either on the sidebar or from the main dashboard.
Step 2: Choose Metamask directly if it is your wallet-of-choice. You can also connect to our dApp with Argent, Coinbase Wallet, or other wallets supported by WalletConnect.
For the illustration below we will continue using Metamask as an example.
Step 3: Approve in your MetaMask Wallet.
Once you click "Connect Wallet," MetaMask will pop up and prompt you to confirm. Hit "Confirm" on the MetaMask popup.
Step 4: Done! Now you can start using our dApp. The next sections will cover how to deposit, check your returns, and make withdrawals.

Reminder about Risk

DeFi is still a very new space, and while that's exciting, it comes with risk. Gro Protocol's software helps you access this world, but make sure you do your own research and only supply assets you can afford to lose.