Gro is committed to the highest quality of engineering and will use whatever tools are needed to produce a product exceptional in performance and safety. We have completed audits on our smart contracts with Peckshield and Kurt Barry (Fixed Point Solutions) and completed a Code Arena contest with a guaranteed $100k USDC prize in July.
The Peckshield report is available for review here:
The report by Kurt Barry (Fixed Point Solutions) is available for review here:
The Code Arena contest report is available for review here:
Most recently, our Convex strategies were reviewed by Kurt Barry (Fixed Point Solutions):
Last but not least, Gro DAO passed Vote 3 (our first vote after token launch through LBP) to increase our Immunefi bounty to $1,000,000 and schedule a new audit with Trail of Bits.

Reminder about Risk

DeFi is still a very new space, and while that's exciting, it comes with risk. Gro Protocol's software helps you access this world, but make sure you do your own research and only supply assets you can afford to lose.