How to withdraw funds
While Vault is not designed to be locked up, there are safety mechanisms in place that could limit withdrawal at times. Learn more about them in Attack Resistance andDeposit & Withdrawal limits based on Utilisation Ratio.

Step 1: Click Withdraw/Sell on the product you want to withdraw from

Click withdraw/sell on the product you want to withdraw from. Clicking on the card buttons will quickly take you into withdrawal exchange.
You can also withdraw by clicking on the withdraw/sell buttons on the Vault dashboards


Step 2: Choose the Stablecoins and Amounts To Withdraw

Once you click "Withdraw" you will choose the stablecoins you want to withdraw into. The website will automatically give you a balanced conversion across stablecoins, giving you optimal returns.
But it's easy to change that. To withdraw a single stablecoin, simply click the card.
Then you can change your withdrawal amount.
Customise your withdrawal amount
If you're withdrawing a single coin, your screen will change to look like this:

Step 3: Confirm the transaction with your wallet

Your wallet will prompt you to confirm the transaction, after which it will be sent to the blockchain.

Step 4: Transaction submitted

Once submitted, your transaction will be pending. We'll take it from here! Click "Close" on the popup window.

Step 5: Transaction status

Transaction Pending

You can tell that your transaction is pending if your sidebar says "pending" at the top.

Transaction confirmed

You can tell that your transaction is confirmed if the sidebar turns green at the top and says "Confirmed."
Your transaction is confirmed! Now go and live your life.