Vault <-> PWRD interaction

How are yields and risk split between PWRD and Vault?

As yields are harvested, they are split between PWRD and Vault users based on the "Utilisation ratio", which is defined as PWRD TVL divided by Vault TVL. The same ratio also determines the risk exposure Vault has to each yield strategy.
Where can I see the Utilisation Ratio?
You can see the utilisation ratio in the PnL smart contract here with the parameter utilisationRatio (see screenshot below). Another way to see that is on the Gro dApp dashboard.
This means utilisation ratio is at 91.75%
Part of the risk tranching mechanism also means that PWRD deposits or Vault withdrawals could be put on hold when utilisation is high. It is important to understand this protection mechanism even if you only use Vault not PWRD.
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Reminder about Risk

DeFi is still a very new space, and while that's exciting, it comes with risk. Gro Protocol's software helps you access this world, but make sure you do your own research and only supply assets you can afford to lose.