How to get PWRD stablecoin on dApp

Step 1: Choose the product you want to deposit into and click invest/buy

From this page you can navigate to either PWRD or Vault, depending on your preference.
Navigate from the main Dashboard:
Or from the sidebar:
Navigate to PWRD using the sideba
Or from the cards:
If you'd like to buy PWRD, stay here. If you'd like to invest in Vault, skip to the section called "Invest in Vault."

Step 2: Click "Buy"

Step 3: Deposit your stablecoins

The webpage will default to deposit all available funds in your wallet, but you can easily change the amount you want to deposit.
You've got lots of customisation options:
Customise your deposit

Step 4: Click "Buy"

Step 5: Confirm in your wallet

Your wallet will pop up and you'll be prompted to complete the rest of the steps for your deposit. If it's your first time depositing, you'll have to do a couple more steps; your wallet will ask for a one-time approval for each of the stablecoins you want to deposit into the Gro Protocol.

Step 6: Pending While Transaction Submitted to the Blockchain

Once all of the transaction steps are approved, sit back, relax and let the on-chain network do the rest! On approval, all your transactions will be submitted to the blockchain. To exit the window, just click "close."

Step 7: Click Any Time to View Transaction Status

At any time, you can check the status of your transaction by clicking on the sidebar:
Check the status of your transaction by clicking the sidebar

Step 8: It's Confirmed!

You can tell if the transaction is confirmed by looking at the sidebar.
See your transaction confirmation
Once your transaction has been confirmed, your balance will update on the PWRD dashboard.
Congratulations! You've just joined the Gro revolution and made the best decision of your whole year. Time to sit back and watch those yields come pouring in!