How to migrate to new Labs

This "how to" guide will walk through how to transfer your funds from the original Labs to the new Labs on Avalanche.

What you’ll need

  • USDC.e or USDT.e or DAI.e deposits in any of the Labs vault on Avalanche*
  • AVAX on Avalanche for gas fees*
  • [Optional] 500 GRO tokens on ETH mainnet (in your wallet or in a vesting contract or in a staking pool associated with the wallet you’re using) for maximum deposit allowance for all 3 vaults (USDC.e, USDT.e, DAI.e)
*See this section for how to get more AVAX

Step 1: Check if you have deposits in original Labs

Go to and see if you have deposits in the original Labs. If you don't, you'd see the following and you can now follow this page to make new deposit into Labs.
If you have outstanding deposits in the original Labs, you'll see the balance under "Your total Labs position" as well as this banner below. You'd also see a red circle next to "Inactive labs" to indicate how many vaults still have an outstanding sum that needs to be migrated.

Step 2: Withdraw from Inactive Labs

Click "Inactive labs" to see all vaults where you have an outstanding balance. In the below example, there is an outstanding balance in DAI.e vault.
Click "withdraw" and you'll be able to remove all funds out of this vault.
Once you confirm withdrawal, your Metamask window will pop up to execute the transaction. Note that you need AVAX to complete the transaction, so make sure you have some AVAX tokens before this process!
After withdrawing the balance, the vault will stay visible to give you a record of your past gains. It's now time to click over to "Active labs" to deposit into the new vaults with this guide.

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