How do I access Labs and claim my allowance?

If you want to get the maximum deposit allowance, you need 500 GRO tokens on Ethereum mainnet to access Labs and claim your allowance of $25,000 per strategy. All GRO tokens in your non-custodial wallet, received in airdrops or as liquidity rewards, or staked into liquidity pools count towards the 500 GRO threshold. Note that you need to have started vesting the airdrop or liquidity rewards in Rewards for those tokens to count.
If you don't have enough GRO tokens on Ethereum mainnet now, you can get more from DEXes shown here. Please note that Gro DAO tokens are not available on Avalanche (e.g., Trader Joe) at this point.

Why is there an allowance cap?

This cap is imposed since there are limited funds available for borrowing on Alpha Homora v2. As Alpha’s lending program expands, Gro will be able to remove the cap to allow higher initial deposits.
To claim a higher allowance in the future you will need to meet the GRO threshold at that time, but you do not need to hold 500+ GRO to access or withdraw your funds.

I got GRO in my Argent wallet, why can't I get into Labs?

Argent wallet does not support Avalanche. Users will need to switch to Metamask (or other wallets that connect to Metamask) to access Labs.
If you’re an Argent wallet holder with 500+ GRO token on Ethereum mainnet and want to access Labs, please reach out to us in this Discord channel for support.

How do I deposit?

For a step-by-step guide on how to make your first deposit, please see the page below.
You only need to deposit stablecoins (USDC or USDT or DAI) to start using Labs. You do not need to borrow AVAX on your own or stake GRO tokens into the strategies.

Are there any lockup on my funds?

There is no lockup on your deposit. You can deposit and withdraw the stablecoins at any time. Please be aware that you can only deposit up till the claimed allowance.
When withdrawing, we advise against withdrawing your funds when a strategy cycle is running on negative returns. This is because you will absorb the total losses incurred at the current strategy cycle (what is displayed at the upper right of each vault–see below screenshot), including those that should be attributed to other users and up to the amount you've put into this vault.
For example, if you're the first to withdraw your funds in the current strategy cycle with a negative returns, you would absorb the full losses of $663.02 even though your funds only form part of the $1.27mn capital deployed in this vault.
In short, while you have complete autonomy in withdrawing funds at any time, we recommend waiting until the current strategy cycle turns positive to avoid absorbing losses!

Are the yields earned in stablecoin or GRO?

The yields you earn (represented by the APY) are in stablecoins only. No GRO rewards are allocated to Labs at this moment, but you do need 500 GRO tokens on Ethereum mainnet to access Labs and claim your allowance for each strategy.

Will the yields earned go into vesting contract?

No, the yields you earn (represented by the APY) are pure stablecoin yields that you can withdraw at any time.

How do I see my deposits on Metamask?

You need to import the following tokens into Metamask to see your tokenised deposits.
Click "Import tokens" at the bottom of your Metamask token list and enter the corresponding token address to import.

Why can't I see my deposit on Zapper?

Zapper needs to integrate the tokens representing your deposits separately. We've started a request here - please help us get this request prioritised by upvoting it (click on the upward arrow) and leaving comments on why you'd like to see your deposits there!
To help track your portfolio, you could also use DeBank or Zerion for your Labs positions.
Got other questions not covered above? Come join us on Discord or Telegram and ask away!