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How to connect a wallet
How to connect your wallet using MetaMask
Step 1: From the home page, click "Connect Wallet" either on the sidebar or from the main dashboard.
Step 2: Choose Metamask directly if it is your wallet-of-choice, otherwise connect to other wallets through WalletConnect.
For the illustration below we will continue using Metamask as an example.
Step 3: Approve in your MetaMask Wallet.
Once you click "Connect Wallet," MetaMask will pop up and prompt you to confirm. Hit "Confirm" on the MetaMask popup.
Step 4: Done! Now you can start investing. The next sections will cover how to deposit, check your returns, and make withdrawals.
Note: You'll need stablecoins to invest in Gro. If you don't have any, see our brief guide here.
Last modified 3mo ago
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