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Where you can start vesting your hard-earned Gro DAO tokens and claim the locked tokens given up by other users when leaving vesting early
Rewards shows users their own Gro DAO tokens (GRO) earned through airdrop, liquidity mining, or vesting bonus (more below). It is structured to show the GRO source on the left-most column where you can start the 12-month vesting.
To read more about the vesting mechanism, please refer to our Medium article below.
GRO Rewards and Vesting
Screenshot of Rewards as of 28th October
This shows how many GRO you have earned from each pool and/or airdrops. Note that you need to click "Start vest" for these GRO to go into your 12-month vesting contract. Once you start vesting, your GRO would move from "pending" to the following two columns - you will have 10% unlocked from the moment you started vesting; the remaining 90% would be unlocked linearly over the next 12 months. If you leave early by clicking "Exit & get GRO" before the vesting is completed, you will get what is unlocked and give up what is still locked.
Vesting bonus comes from the amount being given up by those who prefer to cash in their rewards before the vesting schedule is up. At the bottom right box "Vesting Bonus Pool", it states how many GRO has been given up and available for claiming by those who are still vesting their GRO. The share you could claim is based on your locked GRO as a % to total locked GRO. You will be able to see how much you could exactly claim from the Vesting Bonus Pool once you have started vesting - the number of GRO you can claim will show up under "Your Vesting Bonus" in the left-most column.
Overall, this mechanism encourages users to start vesting earlier rather than later (as long as the gas cost justifies the benefits). Start vesting would kickstart the 12-month vesting clock while allowing you to start claiming from the Vesting Bonus Pool.

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