Vote 5 implementation status
As Vote 5 passed on 27th November 2021, the following changes on Gro Rewards Vesting will be implemented over the next weeks.
Changes implemented are crossed out.
  • Users can claim Vesting bonus at most every 4 weeks.
  • Users can lock externally acquired GRO into the vesting contract.
  • Performance fee of 10% for new Labs products.
  • Performance fee of 5% for Vault and PWRD yields.
  • Performance fee buys back GRO from the market.
  • GRO acquired from performance fee delivered as Vesting bonus to users. 10% of the performance fee delivered to the DAO treasury.
  • Users can partially exit the vesting contract to take a portion of their GRO.
  • Users can voluntarily extend their vesting duration up to the max length (12 months).
  • Users can claim rewards immediately as liquid GRO or vesting GRO. If liquid GRO, 30% will go to their wallet and 70% to the Vesting bonus. If vesting GRO, 100% will be added to their vesting position. The 30% will be a parameter that the DAO can adjust.
  • Users’ 1 year vesting schedule will change from current 10->100%, to 0->100%. Already existing vesting schedules will also rescale as if they had started at 0%.
  • Users can claim multiple pools in one single claim for some gas savings.
This section will be updated as these steps are implemented
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