Tokenomics FAQs

How does vesting work?

  • All types of GRO rewards (whether from liquidity mining, airdrops or Vesting Bonus rewards) will all add into your personal vesting position, unless you opt to take out 30% and giving up the remaining 70% when you claim your rewards.
  • You can exit vesting at any time to take your unlocked share, but you lose anything locked at that time.
  • Your vesting calendar will never have longer than 12 months left to go (i.e. it’s capped at 12 months from your latest claim date). So if you claim all your rewards today and then do nothing for 12 months you would be able to exit for the full amount you claimed.
  • Any additional claim will extend the time remaining on your vesting calendar: e.g. if you made a small claim today and in 9 months made another claim, your overall calendar would take more than 12 months to be fully unlocked (from the date you first claimed) - especially if that second claim was larger. See below for more details on how the vesting calendar extensions work.
  • Those who choose to vest would not only get 100% of the rewards earned, but also the extra tokens through claiming from the Vesting Bonus Pool (in lieu of staking the unlocked tokens). APY from claiming your vesting bonus every four weeks is estimated and displayed on the Rewards Centre under "Your Vesting Bonus".

How does the Vesting Bonus Pool work?

  • You can claim Vesting Bonus from the Vesting Bonus Pool as frequently as every four weeks. Every claim needs to be executed by the user and will cost gas; however, you can choose to set a low gas cost so that the transaction will go through at a desired gas level.
  • Vesting Bonus Pool size is determined by how many tokens other users forfeit when they skip vesting or leave vesting early. Another source of $GRO in Vesting Bonus Pool is through buyback performed by Gro DAO treasury with the performance fees collected on protocol yields (5% for Vault & PWRD; 10% for Labs). Once users start claiming from it, the pool size will go down until it is replenished by the sources described above.
  • Your share of the Vesting Bonus Pool depends on how many locked (i.e. vesting) tokens you have relative to all locked $GRO tokens in Gro. Your locked tokens will naturally go down as time goes by as more of them become vested; however, you can increase it through relocking the unlocked tokens or lock up $GRO tokens acquired externally. You will be able to see from your personal dashboard what amount of GRO you’re eligible to claim at any time.
  • Once you claim the vesting bonus, it will be added to your existing vesting position. So let’s say you have 100 GRO. 10 (10%) are unlocked and 90 are locked. Then you claim a vesting bonus of 50 GRO. After that you’ll have 150 GRO total in vesting contract of which 15 will be unlocked and 145 will be locked.

How do extensions to vesting calendar work?

  • While your calendar is vesting, you can continue to claim additional GRO rewards. Each claim (including Vesting Bonus claim) extends the time remaining in your vesting calendar by updating your vesting start date as the GRO weighted average of all your claims dates and then running for 12 months from the new start date.
  • The new vesting start date is based on the weighted average between your existing start date and your new start date: e.g. if you had 900 GRO vesting with an existing start date of 1st June 2021 and you claimed another 100 GRO on 1st July 2021, your new vesting start date would be 4th June 2021.
  • The vesting calendar then runs for 12 months from the new vesting start date.
  • This mechanic is important as if not, the vesting system would be easy to game: you could start off multiple wallets with tiny amounts vesting, and then in future use them as a path to get huge amounts of GRO claims instantly unlocked.
  • It also means your opportunity to claim rewards from the Vesting Bonus is both bigger (as you build up your vesting position) and lasts for longer. See more on this below.
  • The total vesting period is only more than 12 months if you choose to make further claims during that time. You always have the option to stop making further claims and just wait for your claimed rewards to fully vest.

Does this mean my assets with GRO is locked?

  • No. You can withdraw your initial stablecoin liquidity whenever you choose within that time period without suffering a penalty (other than the 0.5% withdrawal fee for Vault).
  • If you start staking or providing liquidity to our 2-asset pools, you can unstake your staked assets at any time with no protocol fee.
  • The airdrop and liquidity mining GRO rewards have a 12 month vest and if you exit the GRO rewards then you will give up the locked portion.

Can I transfer vesting positions between wallets?

  • No, it’s not possible to transfer your vesting position.
  • If you lose your wallet access, Gro cannot transfer your vesting position to another wallet.

Will the team be eligible to claim Vesting Bonus during the first year?

  • Team, advisor and seed investors’ tokens are all subject to a 3 year vesting period with 1 year lockup.
  • During the 1 year lockup these tokens cannot be accessed meaning they cannot (a) claim Vesting Bonus or (b) stake the tokens.
  • Any tokens bought in personal capacity go through the same route as everyone else.

What’s the GRO contract address?