How Gro DAO decides what's best for Gro Protocol
Moving to a decentralised governance model is an important step on our roadmap. GRO holders can contribute and vote on a number of protocol decisions, in particular:
  • Protocol roadmap: priorities any future projects
  • Protocol parameters such as fees (example: Vote 9)
  • Tokenomics changes (example: Vote 5)
  • How DAO treasury funds should be spent (example: Vote 3 for security, Vote 7 for marketing)
All users or partner DAOs are welcome to share draft proposals on our Community Forum below. New proposals will then be shared in our discord server's governance channel.
Gro DAO - community forum
After being shared on the community forum, proposals may then turn into official proposals on Snapshot where Gro DAO members can vote and decide whether they should be implemented.
Gro DAO - voting on Snapshot
You can also view our governance vote records on Messari:

How do I vote?

Users can now use GRO for voting. Your number of votes not only include GRO tokens in your wallet, but also those that are staked in our pools or vesting in our rewards center.
How do I know how many votes I have? You can check how many votes you have in this contract under "8. balanceOf".
Note that the votes you have in each vote depends on your GRO balance at the specific block in each snapshot vote. You can find the block used for snapshot in the upper right of the vote page – see the below screenshot as an example.
The snapshot block used here is 14922180 - that is usually the same block when the vote was published.
We are working to formalise a community proposal & voting process to streamline the process and further decentralise governance. Stay tuned!