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Argent wallet on Gro dApp

How do I use Argent wallet to connect to Gro?

Argent is a smart wallet for crypto that you can use to access the Gro protocol (both Vault and PWRD). Please refer to the Argent website for more information about how to use the Argent wallet in general.
On Gro dApp, you can access your Argent wallet through Wallet Connect. Please see this article for a step-by-step guide. Note that Argent wallet does not support Avalanche yet, so you will not be able to use Argent wallet to access Labs at the moment.
Argent Learn: What is WalletConnect?

Why is the dollar value shown on Argent less than what I've deposited?

This could happen occasionally since the dollar value displayed on Argent wallet comes from our Uniswap USDC pool for PWRD and Vault respectively. As these tokens get traded, the pool price could go off-peg to the actual value of the tokens. When this happens, arbitrage would take place and would bring the value back very close to what you'd get if you were to withdraw your Vault or PWRD on our dApp.
On top of this, USDC/USD exchange rate also fluctuate at times, adding another contributing factors to having an inaccurate value shown in your Argent wallet.
The best way to check your Vault and PWRD total value would be on our dApp ( as it reflects the value you could redeem from the protocol should you choose to withdraw funds. Argent users can connect to the dApp through WalletConnect to check the total value as well.
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