"Early Frens" Airdrop
We have done an Early Frens governance token airdrop allocation to thank our early supporters! Here are some answers to questions you may have.

Where can I see if I've been allocated any GRO tokens?

You can check that in our dApp's "Manage Rewards" page (https://app.gro.xyz/gro-token).
If you have been allocated some GRO governance tokens, you would be able to how much you have under "Your Unclaimed GRO" in the left hand side with the corresponding possible value at the right based on different market capitalisation scenarios.

Why can't I see the tokens in my wallet?

Even though the governance tokens have been allocated, they are not available to be claimed just yet. The tokens will become available in your wallet once you claim them.

How do you determine my airdrop amount?

This is our first of several GRO token airdrop allocation. For this time round, we want to thank our most early users that took a chance on Gro right at the very beginning, so the amount is determined by TVL contribution multiplied by the time it was in for since the protocol opened - with a snapshot date of 13th August (when public beta was announced). We're grateful for fish of all sizes that were with us from the start, so there is an adjustment to favour users with smaller deposit size for this time only. You need to have had continuously holding your position in Gro until the airdrop date in order to be rewarded.
We know that our Early Frens airdrop does not cover users who joined us slightly later. Be rest assured that more airdrops will come and those who've just joined us will be rewarded separately!

If I used Argent to access Gro, do I still get the airdrop?

As long as you have deposited and held on until 13th August, you will be allocated GRO tokens based on TVL contribution and how long the deposit has stayed in Gro until the 13th.
Note that the GRO tokens allocated to you would not be shown in your Argent wallet yet. Please check your airdrop allocation our dApp's "Manage Rewards" page (https://app.gro.xyz/gro-token) using WalletConnect to connect with your Argent wallet.

I've been following Gro since the beginning and didn't get allocated any tokens this time. Why was that?

We really appreciate everyone of you who support us in our early days!
For the mechanism of determining the Early Frens airdrop logic, please refer to the above Q&A "How do you determine my airdrop amount?"
We are also allocating GRO tokens to early supporters and active contributors (Gro "OG") for being here for us as we grow. Join our Discord to learn more! πŸ™Œ
For those who join us later, we're also planning to do more airdrops in the near future. Stay tuned!

When will you do more airdrops?

This is our first governance token airdrop allocation - rest assured that there will be more to come. We want to make sure future plans will be carefully thought through and complement what we have already done. Bear with us as we work out the details and we will share more details closer to time!

When can I claim the governance tokens?

Our team is building the claims mechanism at this moment. More information will be announced soon!

How much are the tokens worth now?

Value of the tokens will not be fully determined until it is actively trading in the market. For now you could reference the possible value based on different market capitalisation in the Token page (https://app.gro.xyz/gro-token). Details of the tokenomics and how they can be earned & traded will come soon! Stay tuned!