"Gro 4 All" Airdrop
Our "Gro 4 All" governance token airdrop is around the corner! Here are some answers to questions you may have. Got more questions? Chat with us on our Discord!

What is the "Gro 4 All" Airdrop?

This airdrop is to thank our supporters since our public launch in mid-August! It will be distributed based on two criteria: (1) liquidity provision to the protocol through Vault or PWRD, (2) participation in the LBP. Note that you must meet the first criterion to be eligible for this airdrop. In other words, if you’re using PWRD or Vault you’ll get an airdrop, but if you also participate in the LBP you’ll get even more GRO!
Snapshot has been taken at some point last week (w/c 4th October 2021). We are currently performing the calculations - please bear with us in the meanwhile!
Calculation formula:
Read more about the airdrop details here:
Gro 4 All: 1% of GRO to protocol users

When will I receive the airdrop if I've met the criteria above?

This airdrop, like other community incentives, has a 12-month vesting schedule with 10% vested on Day 1. It will then vest linearly over the next one-year period.
In other words, you could decide to withdraw Gro DAO tokens on the day when the airdrop is distributed, but you'd only receive 10% of the total amount you've been allocated in the airdrop; you could also choose to wait for the full year and receive 100% of the airdrop you've been allocated.
For more details about airdrop vesting, please refer to this page.