Understanding Tokenomics

How Gro DAO token works
GRO is Gro's governance token. It deepens engagement with the protocol by opening up the ability to participate in governance and further stabilise the protocol.

Where can I find the latest on GRO tokens?

Coingecko tracks the latest maximum and circulating supply on the token page that you can access here. Its token address for browsing on Etherscan can be found here.


DAO governance

Moving to a decentralised governance model is an important step on our roadmap. GRO holders can contribute and vote on a number of protocol decisions, in particular:
  • Protocol roadmap: priorities any future projects
  • Protocol parameters such as fees (example: Vote 9)
  • Tokenomics changes (example: Vote 5)
  • How DAO treasury funds should be spent (example: Vote 3 for security, Vote 7 for marketing)
Learn more DAO Governance.

Priority access to Gro products

Getting priority access to the best yields available on Gro at Labs is only the first step to securing better access for GRO holders. Those who have had 500+ GRO could not only get earlier access but also higher allowances when access is open to all!

Loyalty incentives

GRO will be distributed as additional incentives for the community to provide liquidity through staking pools and various DAO or community engagement programs. They will be distributed through a mixture of programmatic on-chain activities and community oriented off-chain activities.


Gro DAO Token’s total supply is set to 100,000,000 tokens. Inflation is hard-coded at 0% during the first 3 years, then continues at 0% unless GRO token holders vote to change.
45% – Community Incentives: this includes partnership bonus, community engagement activities such as the "Gro 4 All" airdrop, and liquidity mining program. See the section below for more on emission.
22.5% – Team & Advisors: this comes with 3-year vesting with an 1 year cliff that started on 28th September 2021 for initial contributors
19.5% – Seed investors: this comes with 3-year vesting with an 1 year cliff that started on 28th September 2021 for all seed investors
13% – Gro's DAO Treasury: this includes grants, marketing expenses, and the ongoing operations of the protocol
These values are coded into the GRODistributor smart contract you can find in GRO tokenomics & governance contracts.

Distribution: Community Incentives

GRO tokens have been distributed to the following activities. You can see the latest breakdown in this dashboard below.
Note that the majority of them are currently in the vesting mechanism detailed in the next section.
  • Staking and liquidity pools (learn more at Understanding Pools)
  • Airdrops
  • DAO contribution (e.g., OGs, G-Force)