How to track GRO tokens

GRO rewards can be tracked in various platforms - here are some common ways to do it!
There are many platforms that can help you track how many GRO tokens you hold in wallet and how many GRO tokens currently vesting. The data source behind all these platforms come from the smart contracts that you can find in GRO tokenomics & governance contracts

Smart contract

You can always go to the source directly on Etherscan. This section will go over the key functions through which you can track your GRO rewards there.
First, go to the GROVesting contract listed in GRO tokenomics & governance contracts click to "Read Contract". You should see a page like the following.
See below for the key functions you can use to track your GRO rewards that are still in the vesting contract. This excludes any amount that did not go through the vesting contract, i.e. what you acquire through exchanges or the portion you chose to skip vesting (and instead taking the 30% you claimed directly while forfeiting the rest).
To read these values, you need to input your wallet address (ENS does not work). The values shown come in 18 decimals (as GRO tokens have 18 decimals) and UNIX timestamps. If you're not familiar with reading those values, the unit converter and UNIX timestamp converter could prove helpful.
What you can read from it
3. accountInfos
total : this is the combined GRO rewards you have in the vesting contract, including the portion that is vested and what is still vesting.
startTime : this shows the weighted average vesting start time of your 12-month vesting position. If you've claimed more than once, this would not be the same as to when you started vesting the first time round.
6. getVestingDates
The first date is the same as startTime above.
The second date is the current vesting end date, at which point all GRO tokens will be 100% vested. This would be adjusted if you claim or lock any additional tokens.
17. totalBalance
unvested: this is the same as total in 3. accountInfos
20. totalWithdrawn
This refers to the number of tokens withdrawn from the vesting contract thus far.
21. userMigrated
This is a boolean value showing if your wallet has migrated from v1 to v2 of this contract.
22. vestedBalance
This refers to the number of tokens already vested. It is the maximum you can get when choosing to exit now.
24. vestingBalance
This refers to the number of tokens still waiting to vest. It is the balance that counts towards your share of the Vesting Bonus Pool.

Gro dApp

Please refer to Claiming mechanism for a more detailed walk-through of the Rewards Centre.

Wallet trackers

There is a wide range of trackers available; not all of them have integrated Gro's smart contracts. Only those that have already integrated our vesting contract would be able to show the vesting and vested balance; otherwise they would only be able to show the GRO tokens you have in your wallet. Please see below for the most common trackers that have integrated with our vesting contract.


You can view the Vesting GRO under the Apps section on Zapper after connecting your wallet. The top part refers to the vested balance (same as 22. vestedBalance above in the smart contract section) while the bottom one refers to the portion still vesting (same as 24. vestingBalance).


It only shows the total balance (including both vested and vesting balance) on Zerion. This number should be the same as 17. totalBalance in the smart contract section.


It shows both the total balance and the vested balance (as "Claimable Amount") on DeBank.